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Monday, October 8, 2012

Free Lessons with each Canvas Purchase

New!!! Two by Two Art Studio offers Free Art Lesson & Bible Lesson with each canvas mural purchase.  

I am so excited about joining the concept of Artwork that draws out Spiritual Truths that I am including a Bible lesson with each Canvas Mural piece purchased.
The Bible Lesson is entitled  "A Good Name" and will serve as a reminder to our children each time they look at their special name on their wall that Proverbs 22:1 says that "a good name is worth more than riches".  It is a lesson parents can use to help their children see the importance of their character and what people think of them giving glory to Jesus' name.  The bible lesson comes with a coloring page, which they can use to render like their canvas mural.  There is also an art lesson which shows them how to draw one of the birds from the banner. 
          This is so exciting to me, because I love art and helping other's grow in their skill, but even more, I love Scripture, and I would love to help kids grow in their faith & love for God as they grow in their art. 
I grew up loving art and copying as much as I could from art around me, but I had no instruction until I was training for my animation career in my late teen years. I utilize the tools which professional artists use and are rarely taught to children.  If you want to order your canvas mural go to my products page

I hope to encourage lover's of art and the Master Artist; God in their skill and faith. , Heidi

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