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Monday, June 11, 2012

My Art Instruction Method and Philosophy

"All Seemed Still."  
Heidi stands in front of her Trompe L'oeil (fool the eye) mural of Mount Saint Helens as it was before it erupted.
Two by Two art classes gives any artist basic tools he can use whether he is drawing from a model or his imagination. As a decorative artist and former animator, Heidi incorporates techniques from master artists in a fun and understandable way in her teaching.

It is important for budding artists to feel real pride about their work which comes from achieving a realistic ability to see and create that same vision. 

Many children's art classes do not teach the basics of drawing. Therefore children often stop drawing by the age of twelve because they haven't learned how to draw the reality they now see.  True art is about learning to see.

My ambition is to inspire artists by giving them tools that successful artists use rather than undirected lessons. I have used my lessons with various age groups for many years and have seen great outcomes. From a young age, I knew I had talent in art, but struggled to achieve real success until I was shown these tools when I started learning classical animation.  Now, I desire through on-line classes to offer these tools to other aspiring artists. 

This is the first Self-Portrait the 12 year old girl above has ever done. 
She made this artwork after taking my "Princess Head" drawing course.

Keep on coming back to my site to see new posts which offer free sample lessons and video tutorials on various art topics including: 
  • Drawing with your children
  • Drawing from life at home
  • Crafts which encourage art skills 
  • Basics of Drawing
  • Basics of Design
  • Basics of WaterColor
  • Basics of Calligraphy Cursive
In the future I plan to have online classes and video downloads which will also be for purchase and a ebook with  full lesson plans. Go to my Pinterest page and Facebook for more interesting ideas. 

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