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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Free Drawing Lesson Coloring Contest

Free Drawing Lesson Coloring Contest

Send me your child's coloring version of Two By Two Art Studio's logo before Nov.1 and be entered in a free drawing lesson giveaway.

This drawing lesson includes a hand out with easy instructions along with online personal instruction. 

To enter 1. Like me on my facebook page 2. Download the Free coloring page for contest 3. Email your child's version with their age to: email address or send it to me via fb message. 4. I will post the 3 best on my face book page and web site and they will receive a free lesson handout. The announcement will be at 7:00pm on Nov. 1. 5. Your child can use mixed media like pastels, colored pencils, watercolors, crayons. It is up to you. 
Have fun. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Repositionables Instructions, Care & FAQ


Directions To Ensure Adhesive Strength:
To Cut  Memory Mural: (if you purchased an uncut Mural)
1.  Use a self healing mat and xacto knife (see my Amazon link on You can also use sharp precision scissors. Carefully cut Memory Mural away from you while holding on to the Mural with the other hand so as to secure and not crease the coating. Watch my you tube video at:  .
Memory Mural Banners
For All Memory Murals:
1. Make sure surface is clean, smooth, dry, and has low humidity or heat. Great surfaces are: finished cabinets, doors, walls which have a smooth texture (not orange peel or knock down) , most appliances, and any other generally smooth surface.
2. If using the Memory Murals add verse using the recommended marker. Wet erase and Dry erase work well. 
3. Carefully peel the paper backing away from the mural. 
3. Apply to desired surface with your clean dry hands. Make sure the edges are tight on the surface. 
Trouble Shooting:
1. If the surface is a rougher texture (like knockdown plaster), use some of the repositionable glue on both the surface of the wall and the canvas, and let both stand for 3 minutes before applying. The grip should now be stickier.  You can also use glue dots. (keep in mind that this may damage your paint)
2. If the canvas piece has been removed over and over and the adhesive dirty and is not sticking any more, simply apply repositionable adhesive. 
Memory Murals:
1. Only use dry erase or wet erase markers. 
2. Write memory verse down on a flat surface while the backing is still on the mural. To erase, simply use a soft slightly damp cloth and wipe. Let dry and re-apply.
3. If wall behind mural is smooth, it is perfectly fine to wipe clean and write a new verse without removing the mural from the wall. If it is textured, cleaning and writing will affect the safety of the mural. Simply remove from the surface lay it on the backing or wax paper on a smooth surface to clean and write on.

What is a Repositionable?
Repositionables™ are high-quality, removable canvas reproductions of original,  artwork painted exclusively by Artist Heidi Danielle Bashoor.
How long will it stick?
Repositionables will stick for years if:
the surface is clean, smooth and has low humidity or heat
the edges are tight on the surface
Can the adhesive be re applied?
Yes, just apply with the repositionable glue stick recommended by (available on website on my products page.)
How is it protected?
Repositionables are given 2 coats of protectant to guard it from fingerprints, sunlight, and dirt. As with all artwork, they will shows signs of aging if exposed to sunlight and other elements, so it’s best to keep them clean and away from windows.
Can I clean this artwork?
Yes, just gently wipe with a soft, slightly damp sponge (as you would with other artwork). Be careful not to bend or crease the mural.
Will it leave marks on my wall?
The paint will be unaffected.  Repositionables are recommended for those wallpapers you can be cleaned with a sponge.
Can they be applied permanently?
Yes. If you don’t want them to be removed, use your own quality wallpaper paste and apply to the back. You can also use a tacky spray adhesive.  
Can I let my children play with them?
Yes, but they should not put them in their mouths. The adhesive is nontoxic,

but the inks and varnishes are not safe for consumption. Older children especially will enjoy using them in their imaginative play. The canvas pieces are quite durable not easily torn, so they are not easily torn. If the canvas pieces should become creased, the repositionable adhesive will need to be re-applied more often. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Free Lessons with each Canvas Purchase

New!!! Two by Two Art Studio offers Free Art Lesson & Bible Lesson with each canvas mural purchase.  

I am so excited about joining the concept of Artwork that draws out Spiritual Truths that I am including a Bible lesson with each Canvas Mural piece purchased.
The Bible Lesson is entitled  "A Good Name" and will serve as a reminder to our children each time they look at their special name on their wall that Proverbs 22:1 says that "a good name is worth more than riches".  It is a lesson parents can use to help their children see the importance of their character and what people think of them giving glory to Jesus' name.  The bible lesson comes with a coloring page, which they can use to render like their canvas mural.  There is also an art lesson which shows them how to draw one of the birds from the banner. 
          This is so exciting to me, because I love art and helping other's grow in their skill, but even more, I love Scripture, and I would love to help kids grow in their faith & love for God as they grow in their art. 
I grew up loving art and copying as much as I could from art around me, but I had no instruction until I was training for my animation career in my late teen years. I utilize the tools which professional artists use and are rarely taught to children.  If you want to order your canvas mural go to my products page

I hope to encourage lover's of art and the Master Artist; God in their skill and faith. , Heidi