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Monday, January 28, 2013

Child Training BIbles and Memory Mural Giveaway

I'm so thrilled that My friend Mindy of the Child Training Bible is giving away her Child Training Bible Sets and 5 of my Memory Mural Kits.

  I designed the art for Child Training Bibles and am so pleased that the Lord is using them all around the world to help parents diligently teach their children. They are graciously doing a giveaway of 5 of their sets and 5 of my Memory Mural Sets.

Each Memory Mural Kit comes with one 17 inch Pear Memory Mural (cut) , one Wet erase Marker, and Bible lessons on Memorizing for adults and kids, as well as a drawing lesson and coloring page.

 enter the contest below:

Heres what Child Training Bible says about my Memory Murals

The Giveaway Winners have been selected. Thanks to all who entered. Got to : to see the winners -
"We love using these beautiful Memory Murals from Two By Two Art to help us memorize Scripture." a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Memory Murals

I'm so thrilled about a new use for my canvas movable artwork. This may be its greatest use so far; a memory tool.

 Since I am an avid Scripture memorizer and desire to have the Word of God surrounding my home, I can now say "goodbye" to my ugly 3x5 cards. One can write and rewrite whatever one wants to learn. I have made these affordable, so one can use them as gifts or have multiple verses around the house.The colors are neutral so they look great in children's rooms as well as the kitchen etc.  They are available in 4 colors: Pink Grapefruit, Light Blueberry, Pear, and Lemon. As always, each canvas art piece will come with a bible lesson and coloring page as well as an art lesson on how to draw one of the birds in this mural banner. (You can find memory murals on my Art Products page.)
The bible lessons will give ideas and tips for memorization entitled : "Treasuring the Word". There is also a Bible lesson entitled "Memorizing with Kids". There is no other spiritual discipline that has changed my spiritual walk more than memorizing. Everyone who has memorized their phone number or address, or multiple lists about the people in your life, can do it. In the bible lesson I will show fun and helpful ways that makes it possible to memorize whether it is one verse or books of God's precious Word. Use your Memory Mural to display your favorite verses or work on your current memory work. The mini size can be very helpful for writing references of verses you are ready to review. The small size is great usually for one verse. 
Sizes of Uncut Mural

Sizes of Cut Mural
  See Store page for Wet Erase Or Dry Erase maker required or cutting tools (for uncut)