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Venetian Masks painted in private nursery to look like they are hanging on the wall.

    Two By Two Art Studio: Art Decor & Instruction with a Higher Purpose                  
To provide high quality Scripture based art decor products and teach others to grow in their art skill and faith. To encourage other with artwork which is both beautiful and spiritually refreshing.
Two By Two Art Studio is the name I chose because one of my favorite Bible accounts is Noah's ark. I have a great love for animals. Also, as I teach others to create, I am coming alongside them. 
The motivation behind striving to create with utmost beauty and excellence in my work is due to my love for the Creator of all. 
The Scriptures that describes my impetus well is: 
“ Psalm 19:1 The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” 
From a young age, I knew I had some talent because my friends at school asked me to help them with their report cover drawings.  I loved giving drawings away. Although I continued to draw, the process was one of trail and error and many insecurities.  I grew up in a home which encouraged me to draw, yet had no formal training until a Warner Bros. animator offered to train me while I was in high school. I then went on to learn from various professional artists and took classes where I discovered the joy of drawing when I was given the tools I now use and teach.
Professionally, I worked in animation for 10 years for various companies including Disney, Warner Bros.,  on various Animated Films which include, “Space Jam,” “Swan Princess”, The “Tigger movie”, and “Larry Angry Eyebrows.”
I transferred my drawing skills to decorative painting when I started my own decorative painting business 12 years ago. I have painted for various homes and businesses including celebrity homes such as Pete Sampras and Mark-Paul Gosselaar.
Now I am pleased to offer reproductions of my artwork so that more environments can be enhanced by my art. Each Inspirational decor product comes with a Scripture-based devotional and art lesson.
 Along-side creating art, I have also enjoyed teaching students of all ages. I plan to offer art tips, methods, online tutorials classes and e-lessons as in the future. Visit often and suscribe. 
Personal Information
I am joyfully married to Scott Bashoor, Pastor of Bible Church of Buena Park and adjunct Seminary professor at the Master's Seminary. He is my dear love and avid supporter. Together we have two young daughters which we enjoy nurturing in the love of Jesus and His beautiful word.

Other Interests

I love studying the Bible and caring for loved ones at my church, including working with the youth and children. Many of my Scripture art products are gifts I originally made for my dear friends, desiring to provide encouragement. It is so encouraging to me, when objects which surround me in my home which are both beautiful and spiritually refreshing. I love running and have run 3 marathons. I call it 'running with God' because I use it as a time to do one of my most valuable exercises which is memorizing passages of Scripture.

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