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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

"A Window into Thankfulness" (Psalm 136) features gratitude & calligraphy, two lost arts needing revival.

New to Two By Two Art Studio: Scripture Calligraphy Prints & Lessons. 

Thankfulness and handwriting are both becoming a lost art. It is rare for our hearts to be automatically gushing forth with what we are glad for rather than grumbling. With communication breaking down to the level of symbols and acronyms, any writing on paper is also scant, let alone attractive writing. Many schools don't even teach cursive writing any more.
"Window into Thankfulness"
    In an effort to help myself and others grow in this precious area, I am offering a work which gives us the greatest reason to rejoice with an attitude of thanksgiving and aid in keeping cursive writing from going extinctWith each purchase of my Psalm 136 "Window to Thankfulness" vellum prints, you receive a bible lesson on the passage and a lesson on the calligraphy style in the print. The vellum prints are 4.99 plus shipping below or on my products page.
To see how to create this window art piece with my print press tutorial pinterest how to . 

 See below for amazon links to the products you will need to make this yourself.

To Order Vellum Print Click below 4.99 plus shipping

  • The "WIndow Into Thankfulness" completed frame with artwork  is also for sale pre-made for $39.

  • Custom verses are also available. (starting at $19)

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