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Memory Murals are a completely original tool that allows one to write and re-write information. They are repositionable so you can move them onto any smooth surface. They are also beautiful, so they take decoration to another level. Get rid of those 3x5 cards and get into Memory Murals.
Below is what people are saying about their memory murals.

"We love using these beautiful Memory Murals from Two By Two Art to help us memorize Scripture". and "Here is a great way to memorize Scripture!" 
 - Mindy Dunn of the Child Training Bible

"I recently had the privilege of trying out a Memory Wall Mural. Designed and created by artist, Heidi Bashoor (she also did the designs for the Child Training Bible), this reusable mural is made to stick on a wall and be written on. Beautifully designed and created in several different colors and sizes, it can be written on over and over." to see her full review go here- Christina Fox of "To Show Them Jesus"

When I’m in the kitchen, it’s very easy to glance over at my Memory Mural to remind myself of the next verse I’m memorizing. Before I received the Memory Mural, I used to work on my verses from a piece of paper – but a paper on the counter quickly becomes quite messy as I’m splish-splashing about! :)  The Memory Mural adds beauty to my kitchen wall at the same time that it serves a useful purpose for me.- Freda Rauch "A Recipe for Survival" - To see Freda's full review and site
"My memory mural has been such a blessing for me. Not only has the artwork beautified my kitchen, but it has also been an invaluable tool as I seek to memorize and treasure God's word in my heart. The mural is easy to update with new verses as I memorize one and move on to the next. And the clearly displayed verses are wonderful reminders of God's promises and commands as I go about my busy day. Thank you for this blessing!" -Arsi Lulechian

We have our Memory Mural up in the kitchen where we can see it at every meal. I love that it is rewritable and can be moved from place to place without wearing out."- Suzanne Kearney

Love these colors Heidi... I love mine in the car and it is such an easy way to remind me of God's love for me. It also helped my friend when he was concerned about something and the verse helped him, too! God's Word is the best way to calm my soul. Thanks Heidi!- Debby Le Master

"Heidi, you have created a very unique and practical way to memorize verses, I am working on Romans 8, and when I get the verse almost memorized, I start erasing a few words and fill in the blanks. Thanks for making it easier to memorize God's word and in such a beautiful way. Your work is incredible. Truly a God given gift."- Jeany Bandy

Here's what Gummy Hugs Child Care and Preschool says "Our new Memory Murals are a hit with the children, they think they are very "cool" lol The kids really do love them. Our before and after school program includes children from k-5th grades"- Cheryl

"Heidi my sister has amazing ways to present the Word. This is the best! They help keep the Word of God in our view and blesses us. Review the verse as I memorize the verse. I love this! "- Debby Le Master

"I am enjoying using my mural, not just for memory work, but for reminders on subjects that I want to "dwell" on.
This weeks passage is, I Cor. 13:4-6. I didn't choose this for a Valentine passage, but just to remind me on dealing with loved ones, old and small.
I have been blessed to have it on the fridge all week, so that all who go through, can see it's importance and special attention.
 "Love' is patient, "Love" is Kind and is not jealous;" Love" does not brag and is not arrogant, does not act unbecomingly; it does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not take into account a wrong suffered, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth.
 This mural keeps the scripture in fron of me in a very beautiful way.  Thank You Heidi."
 -Janet Rupprecht
"Thank you for helping me memorize in such an elegant way" - Mary Beth Freer


  1. We have our Memory Mural up in the kitchen where we can see it at every meal. I love that it is rewritable and can be moved from place to place without wearing out.

    1. I'm so thrilled that you are finding your Memory Mural useful. Thanks for your response Suzanne.


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