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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Memory Window: Enchanting product for keeping verses memorized

Memory Mural Window : Fruitful Progress

I am pleased to announce Two By Two Art Studio's newest Memorizing tool: Memory Window.

 One of the biggest obstacles to Memorizing Scripture well is not getting the verses in our brain it is keeping them there.
Now you can keep memorized verses in clear view for review and encouragement.
This allows you to keep track of multiple memorized verses in a beautiful way.  The Repositionable Memory Window has a branch with blossoms and oranges on it which is waiting for more oranges to appear. Simply write a reference of a memorized verse on the orange with the wet erase marker included in the mural kit and place it on the branch.  The branch has a space to customize with a child’s name.  Organize the verses memorized according to category or even how well they are memorized. Memory Mural Banners helps you memorize and  Memory Window helps you keep them memorized.

Memory Mural WIndow Kit includes:

1. Repositionable Art Window Mural size 20x12
2. 20 Repositionable & Rewritable Memory Mural oranges sizes 1 inch or 1 1/4 inch (some   of each)

Simple to apply.
Close up of the Branch with the Memory Mural Oranges with reference written on them.
3. Bible lesson on Memorization “Hiding God’s Word in Your heart, not losing it”
4. Coloring Page: Memory Mural Window
5. Art Lesson: Drawing Trees

Price: $24 plus shipping.
Customized name : $9
Order Below

Memory Window
Memory Mural Window
Custom Name up to 12 character
Item you will need: Visa Vis Wet Erase Marker (note only a wet erase will work)

Story of the Memory Mural Window.

Memorizing has been a passion for me since I was 18 and memorized my first large chapter: Romans 8. It changed my theology and my relationship with my Lord Jesus. I’m an avid runner and use my running times to memorize Scripture. I call it running with God. When I became a mother, I knew I had to find some creative ways to keep working on Scripture and have enjoyed figuring out how to make memorizing fun for my children.    We do lots of memory together even though my oldest has just turned three. We sing, play games and use our Memory Mural. I thank our creative God for my friend Sandy Taylor, who planted the seed for the Memory Mural by asking if I could write on this artwork. I’m so thankful to say (after many hours of experimenting) “Yes!!”  I can write and re-write as well as reposition the artwork onto any smooth surface. By the way, now there is a new Memory Mural that works for textured surfaces too.  As my daughter has now memorized over 40 verses It has gotten harder and harder to keep track of them all. So I came up with the Memory Window. This is very handy for us as all I have to do is write on the oranges the verses she has memorized and stick them on the branches and look at them. I have the window above her bed and we review some of them each night. It is a little mommy trick I do since I know she wants to stay up, and I have her attention. She always wants to do more verses. It is also so sweet to think that God’s Word is going through her head as she falls asleep. We have arranged the oranges according to category. For instance all of the Exodus 20 ( ten commandments ) verses are next to each other, all of the Gospel verses are next to each other (John 3:16, Romans 3:23, 6:23 I John 1:9) etc. It is so helpful because I can move them around if I want to see which ones need more review. My daughter loves looking at it and it is helping her learn her numbers and letters too. It is a visual reminder to of how fruitful our spiritual lives are when we absorb up God’s Word.
This has helped us save time and makes it much easier since it is on the wall instead of a flashcard somewhere. 
 One of the biggest obstacles to Memorizing Scripture well is not getting the verses in our brain it is keeping them there. Some memory experts have said that once someone has memorized a verse or a passage it will not stay unless you review repeatedly. It takes time for it to sink into the longer term memory. They suggest reviewing it once a day for 30 days. After that period reviewing it once a week for 30 weeks and then once a month from then on.

So give yourself and your children a great opportunity to keep your verses in view and peer into your own Memory Window. Look above or go to the Store page to order. Also, check out the Memory Memory Mural Banners if you haven't gotten yours already. 


  1. This is a beautiful way to review! And reviewing memory work just before sleeping is so useful! :)

    1. Thank you so much Freda!! It is so great to have God's word on our minds especially before going to sleep.

  2. This is really cool! I love the fruit on the tree. You are so talented, I love how you use your gift to glorify God. Blessings!

    1. Thanks Christina, I love Psalm 1 which says the one who delights in Gods law and meditates "will be like a tree planted by streams of water which yields it fruit in its season". May God be glorified by whatever we do.


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